1990 Mazda Miata

A terribly slow car, sponsored by Radical Understeer Motorsports and Mazdasloth.

Here's something more detailed than my life.

Bought on December 16, 2006 with snapped front springs, bumper stickers, and a hole in the frame rail.

The Miata's "Service" Log:

  • 12/16/06: Fixed (i.e. removed) the bumper stickers.
  • 12/17/06: Removed some of the coffee stench!
  • 12/18/06: Ripped shifter boot replaced, actual shifter turret insulation still needs to be replaced.
    Found out why the hardtop was rattling like hell >:(
  • 12/19/06: Front two broken springs replaced with Racing Beat Street Springs and Tokico Illumina dampers. Rears to be done next day.
  • 12/20/06: Rear springs/dampers replaced. Passenger side lower mounting bolt was fun (i.e. dremeling of the control arm was performed).
  • 12/21/06: Fluids replaced for gearbox, differential, and shifter turret.
  • 12/30/06: Brake rotors and pads replaced (Hawk HPS).
  • 01/01/07: Broken forward, driver's side hardtop latch replaced (torches are your friend against Loctite)!
    Momo Corse steering wheel installed.
  • 01/05/07: Hard Dog Hard Core Hard Top Roll Bar installation started (20:00).
    Crappy soft top removed—permanently.
  • 01/06/07: Hard Dog Hard Core Hard Top Roll Bar installation finished (07:00).
    Kazera KZ-M wheels + Kumho Ecsta SPT tires put on.
  • 01/14/07: Water pump / Alternator belt replaced
  • 01/22/07: Corbeau Forza seat installed
  • 01/26/07: Rear suspension alignment bolts replaced, (1/8" toe in, -2° camber)
  • 02/08/07: Original, rotted exhaust manifold removed, Racing Beat header to be installed next day
    Mazdaspeed motor mounts replaced cracked old mounts
  • 02/09/07: Racing Beat 4 to 1 header installed
    Bosch heated O2 sensor installed (#13275)
  • 02/16/07: Magnaflow catalytic converter installed
  • 02/19/07: Racing Beat catback exhaust installed
  • 02/27/07: Front air dam installed
  • 03/02/07: Corbeau seat mounted directly to bracket (hurray for head room)
  • 03/13/07: Optima Redtop battery installed (hurray for sealed batteries)
  • 03/16/07: Torsen Type I LSD installation started
  • 03/17/07: Torsen Type I LSD installation completed
  • 04/02/07: Clutch slave cylinder replaced
  • 04/13/07: Tie rod ends replaced with LE package ends
  • 04/18/07: Flyin Miata Frame Rail Reinforcement Braces installed.
  • 05/05/07: Not exactly a service entry--Kumho Victoracers used at Pocono South Time Trial, (31 psi rear, 34 psi front).
  • 05/09/07: Fat Cat Motorsports bump stops installed
  • 07/12/07: Noisy Kumho Ecsta SPTs replaced with 205/50ZR15 BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW 2s.
  • 07/14/07: Gargling stock horn replaced with high/low tone horns, relay added as well.
  • 08/06/07: Oxidized paint spots made a bit less pink, rear finisher painted
  • 08/10/07: Koni Sport dampers / Ground Control adjustable coilovers installed with rates of 450lb/in in the front, 300lb/in in the rear.
  • 09/15/07: Timing belt + water pump replaced.
  • 03/20/08: Fuel tank replacement started. Crossmember, differential, powerplant frame removed.
  • 03/21/08: Fuel tank replaced with unit from '95 Miata (0.7 gallons more in capacity), stuff above reinstalled.
  • 03/28/08: Walbro 190LPH fuel pump installed
    Clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder replaced (Beck Arnley)
  • 04/01/08: Drivetrain brace, courtesy of laymil, installed
  • 04/02/08: Camshaft angle sensor o-ring replaced
  • 04/03/08: Curt trailer hitch with vertical receiver installed
  • 04/06/08: Hawk HP Plus brake pads installed, brake rotors replaced, fluid bled
  • 04/19/08: All that work results in something awesome, a sound beating by a Volkswagen Beetle
  • 06/17/08: One of my KDW 2s was punctured by a twig, so I've had some Hankook Ventus R-S2 Z212s (195/50R15) mounted.
  • 09/13/08: Coolant flushed, thermostat replaced
  • 10/23/08: OMP Champion seat installed, replaces the Corbeau Forza
  • 10/24/08: TDR header heatshield fitted over my RB header
  • 12/03/08: Cracked RB header replaced with some cheap eBay 4-2-1 header
  • 12/28/08: Staab Miata battery installed, PPF ground terminal replaced
  • 01/31/09: Old control arms, rear subframe, differential removed.
    Replacement control arms, rear subframe repainted.
  • 02/03/09: Stock rubber bushings pressed out.
    Subframe, differential put back on.
  • 02/07/09: Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings installed with Super Lube (171,000 miles).
    1996 control arms + uprights installed.
    Zero toe, -2.5° camber
  • 02/09/09: Missing alternator adjuster strap + bolt replaced (installed)
  • 02/22/09: Air conditioning compressor, power steering pump and lines excised.
  • 02/23/09: Power steering rack converted to manual rack per Flyin' Miata's instructions.
  • 06/01/09: Three months later, front control arm poly bushings install started. First, we wait for a replacement for the bent upper control arm.
  • 06/02/09: Old bushings pressed out, new, greased-up poly bushings grunted in. Waiting on ball joint dust boots.
  • 06/03/09: Lower and upper ball joint dust boots replaced, poly bushing install complete.
    (The Harbor Freight ball joint press tool is useful for getting the lower ball joint boots on!)
  • 06/13/09: Carbotech XP10 and XP8 pads, new rotors installed.
  • 06/14/09: Goodridge SS brake lines installed
  • 06/15/09: AC condenser fan removed, master cylinder brace improved
  • 06/17/09: Wintec WBT-300 bluetooth GPS receiver procured, no more timing laps with stopwatches!
  • 07/20/10: Spark plug wires replaced, differential breather vent replaced
  • 07/21/10: Racing Beat 4 to 1 header reinstalled
  • 07/24/10: Auto Meter Water Temperature gauge installed
  • 07/26/10: CXRacing radiator, 180° thermostat installed
  • 04/09/11: Alternator replaced
  • 07/27/11: Oil changed
11/14/10Summit Point Main1:32.723
10/03/10Pocono North1:06.359
08/28/10Lime Rock Park1:05.990
08/01/10NJMP Lightning1:23.683
07/12/09NJMP Lightning1:23.680
06/19/09Monticello South1:28.410
11/16/08Summit Point Main1:34.530
10/25/08Lime Rock Park (Soggy)1:17.320
08/13/08Pocono East (Street Tires)1:22.220
07/13/08NJMP Lightning1:24.730
05/03/08Pocono South0:57.040
11/18/07Summit Point Main1:37.230
10/27/07Lime Rock Park1:10.080
09/09/07Pocono North1:09.030
08/14/07Pocono East1:22.500
06/28/07Pocono North1:08.560
05/05/07Pocono South0:58.500

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